Dealing with Worry

Kristin VaughnAnxiety


As another school year has come to an end, I find myself needing to step back and take a deep breath. There have been so many things to juggle, with three young children, career, and finding a bit of time to take care of myself. The kids all have had so many different places to be, and there are so … Read More

America the Anxious

Kristin VaughnAnxiety

In the past few years, I have seen a big increase in the number of patients who are seeking help for anxiety. The most common complaints include excessive worrying, panic attacks, difficulty sleeping, and feeling overwhelmed. With so many folks coming in with such similar issues, I started to sound like a broken record, repeating explanations about why we feel … Read More

The Power of Self-Compassion

Kristin VaughnSelf-Care

Back in the day, and probably still in some offices, therapists would often treat anxiety disorders by exposing the patient to the feared situation. They had a treatment called “flooding”, which meant that they would just throw them right in with what scared them the most. Perhaps they would take them up to the top of a high building or … Read More

What You Resist Persists

Kristin VaughnMindfulness

The famous Swiss psychologist, Carl Jung, once said that what we resist tends to persist. This was not an entirely new concept, but one that has been known for centuries. It is a key concept in mindfulness practice, and one that lies at the heart of most mental health problems, as well as the general problems of daily life. But … Read More

The Importance of Self-Care


Lately in my practice I’ve sounded like a broken record to myself: “Put the oxygen mask on yourself before you can put it on others.” There is a good reason for my increased emphasis on self-care. On a very fundamental level, we can not expect to be able to take on all of the stressors and burdens of life without caring for … Read More